Poetry in motion

In Their Hands

An early autumnal rooftop jam in the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania. This poem is a comment on the godlike power humankind now possesses.

Royal Albert Home

As part of the Royal Albert Hall’s #RoyalAlbertHome series, Toby performs an exclusive set of poems from his aunt’s garden in Normandy. Crack open a cider and lose yourself in his dulcet tones why don’t you.


'... There is nothing quite like being alone at sunset
It's like heartbreak but warmer
It's like sitting with someone and holding their hand
As they die the perfect death
It's like torture, if torture were pleasant
It's music if music were silent... '


One of Toby's regular collaborations with Lyrix Organix, performing his work alongside the London String Collective.  Here set against mesmeric visuals by Joanna Layla & Lizzy Rowlatt.


One from the archives. Teenage Toby performs his 2012 poem 'Tomorrow', in joyous collaboration with the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company. This video has received a lot of love over the years.


Quite possibly Toby’s rawest, most adolescent, and best dressed performance to date.