Upcoming shows and events

Upcoming Gigs

3:15pm Fri 13th July 2018

Lovebox Festival, Gunnersbury Park, London

Doing some good old fashioned spoken word in the heart of the Lovebox madness! A day out in sunny London. What's not to like?

8:00pm Sat 10th November 2018

Broadway Theatre, Letchworth: A Day To Remember

A special performance with renowned community choir City Chorus featuring a stunning choral working of Karl Jenkin's The Armed Man as the backdrop to this gripping and moving poetic tale.

Past Gigs

8:00pm Wed 11th April 2018

Pound Arts Centre, Corsham; For The Record

An early preview gig for Toby's new show, to be premiered in August at Edinburgh Fringe. A delicious setting for Toby's poetry and featuring some of the classic vinyl that inspired and surrounded its creation.

7:30pm Mon 19th March 2018

Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston

Supporting the wondrous Boe Huntress and her band in this lovely venue. Get there early!

6:30pm Thu 25th January 2018

Bristol Old Vic

Part of 'Ferment Fortnight', a scratch performance of a new idea: 'For the Record' : me, a piano, a bunch of records and some poems. We'll see.

7:00pm Fri 19th January 2018

TEDx Corsham: Changing the Rules. (The Pound Arts Centre)

Performing alongside Helen Belcher on Hidden Diversity and Rachel Neaman on Innovative Futures, this is Corham's first ever TEDx. Be there!