toby thompson

toby thompson

performance poet


London show! One Night Only!
Pleasance Indie winner at Edinburgh 2018!
  Thurs 8th November, Pleasance Islington

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<div class="c1">"Touching and often achingly...

"Touching and often achingly funny…"

8:00pm, 8th November

Winner of the 2018 Pleasance Indie for Best Theatre or Family Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

​​​​​​​Brilliant, beguiling wordsmithery, swathed in the timeless allure of classic tunes on vinyl.

A delicious sashay through the mysteries and wonders of life and love.

​Directed by Jesse Jones.


November dates: 'A DAY TO REMEMBER'
Don't miss Toby's extended performance poem on the theme of remembrance.
A moving tale of love and loss, duty and sacrifice.


"...a wonderful gift for language, a deep sensibility and a penetrating sense of perspective."

Sir Ken Robinson.  Renowned Educationalist and Creativity Expert

Live performance poetry, commissions and collaborations. 

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Toby Thompson is a writer and performer of thoughts and feelings.  Not just his own, but somehow yours too.  His poetry displays his delight in life’s uncertainties and absurdities and his uniquely rhythmic and musical style is lyrical, beguiling, playful and poignant.

"...uniquely musical poetry, performed with passion, wit and charm"

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"...easily one of the most gifted young wordsmiths I have ever had the pleasure to encounter... the discipline and confidence of a seasoned pro."

Akala.  Rapper & founder of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company

Upcoming Shows

I Wish I Was A Mountain, UK Tour
Various Dates

I Wish I Was A Mountain, UK Tour

Starting at Brighton Festival on  26th May, The UK tour of my new show for kids, produced by the egg theatre Bath, and directed by Lee Lyford.

For The Record, Pleasance Islington&nbsp;
8th & 9th November, 8:00pm

For The Record, Pleasance Islington 

Back from Edinburgh, 5 star rated and winner of the Pleasance Indie award for Best Theatre...

A Day To Remember,&nbsp;
<div>4 UK Dates</div>
Dates in Bath, Hungerford and Letchworth, November 2018

A Day To Remember, 
4 UK Dates

4 opportunities to see my extended poetry-play on the theme of Remembrance.

"…one of the most inspired, powerful poets I've heard in years. …talent and passion that put a lot of older writers to shame.   Who knows what primal wellspring he's pulling all this inspiration from, but anyway, world - take notice."

Dizraeli.  Champion Poet, Rapper, Dizraeli & The Small Gods.